Friday - July 26, 2019
Journalist trip to myAgro, July 29 to August 1, 2019

Welcome letter, information on logistics, emergency contacts

Dear journalists,

Welcome to Senegal and thank you very much for joining our journalist tour. We hope that you’ve had a good journey and we are excited to have you here within the next few days. This information package gives you some information on logistics, the itinerary and of course information on myAgro, the collaboration with Bayer and Bayer’s social innovation approach. We will provide you with a download link via e-mail that gives you access to this information package online. There you will also find more comprehensive information, picture and video material.

During this trip we will take care of transfer, food and beverage (please see the agenda for details). We will be traveling with a van which offers the opportunity to act quite flexibly. In the van, you will always find some cool drinks and also some snacks. So please feel free to help yourself when we are on the road.

If questions come up, you can always contact us directly or via phone:

Rajaa Kantaoui
Head of Communication West Africa
Bayer AG
Mobile: +212 661 175631

Michael Schwall
Project Lead myAgro collaboration and Social Innovation
Bayer AG
Mobile: +49 175 301 3751

Margaret Barry
Mobile: +221 785 908 041

We are looking forward to the next days!
Your myAgro and Bayer team

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Alexander Hennig

Innovation Communications
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